About Exim365 International Trade Portal

What is Exim365 International Trade Portal

Exim365 International Trade Portal is a multi-lingual, international oriented, business-to-business (B2B) commerce transaction platform between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer.

Worldwide buyers are looking for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and exporters to source products and services. In this wide online space they require a niche platform where they can find the right information and business lead to connect. With the help of search engines they are able to find the niche b2b marketplaces which help buyers find right suppliers on the World Wide Web. Exim365 International Trade Portal is one of those niche b2b platforms for buyers & suppliers to source products, to find right supplier & to enable businesses generate business leads.

Exim365 International Trade Portal offers wide benefits to manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, exporters, importersas well as allied service industries such as shipping, clearing and forwarding agencies, marine insurance, international trade consultng, finance etc.

Exim365 International Trade Portal structure

Because Exim365 International Trade Portal holds and process enormous resouces, we have splitted the content of the portal into two separate, yet related structures: 1. B2B Marketplace; 2. EximStat Trade Data (statistics).

B2B Marketplace Home Page

This is where you can:
  • Post your import-export related buy and sell offers
  • Display your company profile
  • Upload your product list with images, brands etc.
  • Publish articles, press releases, trade events, news, tenders, publications, associations etc.
  • Create exclusive web space for your company

EximStat Trade Data (statistics) Home Page

Statistics information portal of REAL import-export records of five or more countries (Russia, Ukraine, UK etc.) from official sources.
EximStat Trade Data houses and processes voluminous international trade database to help importers (exporters) retrieve, analyse and use statistical data in order to make guided decision. This is where you can:
  • Official Import-Export Statistics of selected countries
  • What products are imported/exported from/to what countries
  • Know the total volume of business for a particular time range
  • Search the database to retreive data according to product name(s) or HS Codes
  • Download consolidated reports in excel or pdf files
  • Optional advanced data (depending on the country) may include more detailed info such as:

    • Which companies have imported/exported what products
    • When, from what countries or whom, type of transportation used
    • How much, how many, at what price
    • How active or reliable is an importer/exporter
    • Who are the biggest importers/exporters of a particular product
    • How to contact the Importers/Exporters by mail address, and many more

Exim365 International Trade Portal Simplicity

Using state-of-the-art data management tools, we proffer simple solutions to complex problems. Be it data conversion, snap-short analyses of import-export data, storage and retrieval, we process and present information to you in easy-to-grasp, human-friendly formats - always bearing in mind that most of our customers are not savvy in technical matters.

Exim365 International Trade Portal Cost-Effectiveness

Basic options of our services are free. But do not expect all our services to be free. If you need advanced features of the system, front-page exposure, upgrades etc., then you should be ready to pay. That is the nature of any business.

At the same time, we have made our services low-priced and affordable even to the smallest of small business. We are able to achieve this goal largely because we do not saddle ourselves with overbloated staff, redundant workers and abhor outdated approach to data management. We can deliver at the most competitive price you can ever imagine.

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Also, do not hesitate to contact the technical support for all technical-related problems.
You are always welcome!

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